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Bruce Clemens, Bluffton SC

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Melissa Carol Newborn



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Kevin Kowalyk -1-1

Hi there, just wanted to drop a line and let you know how Ear Gear has changed various situations for me . I’ve been a paid, on call fireman for about twenty years and recently had developed hearing problems which caused me to need hearing aids. The situation I had is, once involved in a fire or a rescue, in turnout gear I would start to sweat or be in a high temperature situation which would kick my hearing aids out and rendered me useless as I would lose my hearing. I shopped around for different remedies headbands, tape etc nothing seemed to help. I found out about Ear Gear and had my doubts about its effectiveness. What an unreal relief for me once I tried it. Ear Gear allowed me to get back into situations where before I could not go. I can even walk in rain without my hearing aids kicking out! Great product! Thank you! I will be showing Ear Gear to fellow firemen next meeting, where there will be firemen from across province. Thanks again!

Kevin Kowalyk







My sporty 10 year old son has cochlear implants. As a result, he is always dirty and sweaty and his CI is usually wet after trainings! Both my audiologist and AVTherapist recommended geting Ear Gear, so we got a pair of corded CI Ear Gear for him. He used to have issues with sweat getting into the grooves between implant processor and battery but that has been largely minimised with the CI Eargear! It can match his sweatband too!


Wendy Tan




Kathy Green -1-1I just love my Mini Corded Ear Gear as I am a senior and love knowing my hearing aids will stay put with your product attached to them. I think your product is the best thing that has come along for the added protection of knowing they are safe on your ear.


Kathy Green






I bought Ear Gear for my daughter Emma, who is 2 years old and had bilateral cochlear implant. Before we got it, Emma has lost her processor twice even though I tried to be very careful, fortunately we found them eventually. Emma's deaf teacher was the one who recommended Ear Gear to us. Now we do not have to worry about Emma losing her implant any more. The Ear Gear clip is very strong and tight and not possible for a little kid to open. Thanks.

Jinhua Tian



caseyDuring a routine appointment with my audiologist (Helix) recently, I explained my frustration with the constant failures. I told her if we could put a man on the moon forty years ago, we should be able to make a hearing aid for people that perspire. Anyway, she said she would refer my issue to her head office. They sent a pair of Ear Gear Mini Curved covers in Grey (56093). I picked them up when I brought my left aid in for another repair. I had nothing to lose so I tried them. Since then, I have several occasions where I did perspire quite a bit and normally would have removed the hearing aid to avoid another problem but since I had your covers on them, I left the hearing aids in. The hearing aids remained completely dry!! I was ecstatic. In addition the hearing aids feel more comfortable probably because Ear Gear acts as a bit of cushion between them and my glasses. Also the frames of my glasses always scratched the outside of the hearing aids and Ear Gear will provide some protection from that sort of damage. As a bonus, wind noise is considerably diminished. Wow. I immediately ordered two pairs after checking out the website. Casey Balvert





We received our Ear Gear we absolutely love them! Ear Gear keeps our daughter's cochlear implant intact (she has mastered taking the entire thing apart and would hide them so that we would have to go on a hunt to put the implant back together). The only part she can still pull apart is the coil. We are crossing our fingers that she doesn't figure out how to take Ear Gear off ! Thank you!

Jessica Greenman




Greg Mallett -1 (1)I play a lot of pickleball which was causing moisture issues for my BTE Hearing Aids. One of my HA's had to be replaced due to moisture damage. My Hearing Aid Professional provided me with a set of Ear Gear Mini cordless covers for my HA's and I immediately observed that the Ear Gear absorbed the moisture and protected my HAs from further damage. The Ear Gears were easy to remove and dry following my two hours of pickleball play. I recently purchased a new set of very high end HAs BTE and was extremely frustrated by the amount of wind noise I was receiving despite the fact that the new HAs had a wind blocker feature. This had not been an issue with my previous set as I was using the Ear Gear Mini protection on these HAs. Once I placed the Ear Gear Minis on my new HAs, I was immediately relieved of the sound of the wind blowing over the HA microphones. I explained to the HA Professional that I was ready to return these new HAs but as a result of the Ear Gear Mini significantly reducing the wind noise, that I was willing to keep them.  Thank you Ear Gear for making this product as it not only significantly reduces the wind noise, but also protects my hearing aids from moisture. I spend a lot of hours outdoors and can enjoy this environment while wearing my HAs covered by the Ear Gear Mini.  My only negative concern is that they are expensive here in Canada.

Greg Mallett


piaperMy daughter, Piaper, was 9 years old when she received her hearing aid. We were worried about her accepting it as something cool, as well as something that was going to help her hear better. We were also worried about her losing it since Piaper is a very active girl and all her activities take place in the great outdoors. So when we found Ear Gear we were all happy! Ear Gear fit the bill for coolness for her and security for us! Piaper loves her Ear Gear and has never worn her hearing aid without it, she finds it very comfortable. As parents, we love it because when she is cross-country skiing in the woods, running trails, playing soccer or shooting at biathlon, her Ear Gear keeps her hearing aid secure and protected from the elements! This year for her public speaking topic, Piaper chose the topic of Hearing Aids, and there was a paragraph completely devoted to how awesome Ear Gear is! Thank you for such a great product!

Denise & Victor Veinotte



I have a cochlear implant in one ear and am very dependent upon it, as my other ear has little natural hearing. I am a fitness instructor and had nonstop problems with my speech processor, most likely due to excessive moisture from sweating. The speech processor had to be replaced continually, which left me in quite a bind while awaiting a new device. The company rep suggested Ear Gear, as she, too, had a similar problem - she was a fitness instructor as well! So I got it - and have been repair-free since the first time I put that "baby' on my speech processor. THANK YOU Ear Gear. I can now dance, exercise, and sweat, worry-free!

Andrea S.




carolyn_calvoWhen Benjamin was three months old he received his first pair of hearing aids. To our surprise, the very next day he was flinging them off his ears. We have experienced several moments where we thought a hearing aid was lost for good. Twice I have been approached on a playground by a stranger telling me that I am standing on a hearing aid! I decided we needed to use something that will keep his hearing aids attached when we went out to the store. After trying all the options, I know that Ear Gear is my favorite for securing his hearing aids. I love that Ear Gear protects from moisture, comes in different colors, and if he pulls his aids out it keeps them attached. Benjamin has been wearing his Ear Gear for a year now. Before he turned one I used Ear Gear primarily when we left the house. But now that Benjamin is a toddler he likes to remove his hearing aids all the time. So now we use his Ear Gear all day, every day. And because Benjamin knows that he can't throw his hearing aids, he is removing them less often. I am so grateful for his Ear Gear! Thank you.

Carolyn Calvo



leslie_butcherI purchased Ear Gear for my 17 year-old son. We found out about Ear Gear from his audiologist. My son is very active and is the goalie for his varsity high school team. His hearing aids go in for repair constantly due to the wear and tear from playing sports in the hot humid temperatures of Florida. In the past we tried putting a rubber waterproof covering on his hearing aids. My son said they were uncomfortable and they were difficult to take on and off the hearing aids. In addition, they would tear easily. So when the audiologist suggested Ear Gear I was a bit hesitant to spend the money. However, when I saw that they were not made of rubber I decided to give them a try. My son says Ear Gear is very comfortable and easy to take on and off. So far they have protected his hearing aids very well. They seem to be keeping dirt and sweat out of his hearing aids. We would definitely recommend them to others.

Thank you!

Leslie Butcher




I have used Ear Gear products for nearly three years to protect my Oticon Epoqs. Ear Gear works great. I perspire profusely. Even with careful maintenance, moisture would quickly accumulate, and the hearing aids would stop working. Since using Ear Gear, moisture rarely gets beyond the protective coverings, allowing my hearing aids to function properly.


Terry L. Applebaum



jean-paul_hernandezI absolutely LOVE my Ear Gear! I've had them for about 8-9 months now, and can't see my hearing aid without them. I have a tendency to sweat a lot (as you can see from the picture), and my Ear Gear have been nothing but short of a miracle! Ear Gear protects my hearing aid from water/sweat damage (I still can't believe I feel fine in the rain!), and are very, very easy to clean! I've even used them when I've gone on a bike ride to work and back, and they still function very well! I absolutely recommend Ear Gear to anyone with hearing aids! Don't waste time; get them NOW!

Jean-Paul Hernandez



walt_lichtfussWhen I first heard about Ear Gear I must say that I was very skeptical. Living in Florida with its high humidity at times I would not even go outside with my Cochlear on. I have lost count of the times I had to send it in for repairs due to moisture damage. When I first received my Ear Gear I went outside for around 15 minutes and it seemed to work pretty well. The next day the full test. I worked for around 2 hours outside in the high humidity. I was totally soaking wet from perspiration but my Cochlear processor still worked fine. Since that day I work outside anytime I desire and I can hear all my friends and neighbors talking to me. I can only say one thing. Thanks Ear Gear.

Walt Lichtfuss




My son Dustin plays many sports including soccer, basketball, baseball, and wrestling. Now that he has Ear Gear, Dustin says, "I don't have to worry about my hearing aids getting lost or shutting down from moisture. I can just play and have fun". I have to say I was skeptical at first but was amazed at the results. Ear Gear holds up in any weather and stays attached. Although Dustin uses his ear gear during sports he really enjoys the fact that he can play in moon bounces with his aids (I used to take them out because they would pop out and I have to make all the children stop bouncing to recover them). Thank you Ear Gear for making our lives easier.

Deanna Herald




jan_hardtMy son Peter who is in 5th grade and is almost 11 is a very active boy who just loves to play soccer. Unfortunately, he also sweats -- A LOT! As a result, we have had to return back to the manufacturer several cochlear implants because they have literally turned a bright shade of moldy green right where the battery connects to his processor. Since we have tried Ear Gear, they have stayed nice and dry. In fact, the very first soccer game with his Ear Gear, we did not catch a break in terms of the weather. Peter was playing in 93 degree temperature with solid sunshine and 70% humidity. Yet when we got home the outside of his Ear Gear was wet. So wet in fact, that I tried to twist it to wring the water out of it after removing the microphone. Unbelievably though, the microphone was perfectly dry. All we did was rinse Ear Gear with water and let it dry, and then it was ready to wear like new again. It is really nice to know that his processor is safe inside his Ear Gear and that we don't have to worry about Peter not being able to hear while we are waiting for a replacement. Again, thanks so much for Ear Gear, It has now become a welcome addition to Peter's microphone.  

Jan Hardt



I have been wearing hearing aids for over 30 years, ever since I was about 5 years old, and have seen hearing aids come a long ways from what they use to be. I have severe to profound hearing loss, and so my hearing aids are a very important part of my life. So important are they to me in order to function in my world, that I think of them as being like a body part that I can't live without.As a child I can remember losing a few pairs of hearing aids as a kid which I'm sure caused my parents grief to try and replace them. And now as an adult I try to take especially good care of my digital hearing aids, as quality hearing aids are very expensive and I can't afford to buy a pair more than once every eight or so years. They are a huge investment as well as something I greatly depend on in my day to day life.Having worn hearing aids for so many years, I often worry about all the "what if's". What if's such as...."what if I get caught in the rain and it damages my aids? What if the wind picks up dust and that gets into the microphones of the aid which could short out or damage my aids? What if I forget to make sure my hands are clean and reach to change the program, or take the hearing aids out with dirty hands and get something on them that won't come off?" Sweat and moisture was a great concern as over time it can wear down the casing of the hearing aids, and worse it can make its way into the hearing aids, shorting them out.All that worry would sometimes make me not want to wear my hearing aids out in public for fear of what could happen to them. But now, thanks to Ear Gear, I feel like my hearing aids are protected. Protected from the natural elements, from dirty hands, and most importantly sweat and moisture. Here in Michigan we have real high humidity, and in the summer sweat and lots of it is inevitable. Ear Gear fits very comfortably over my aids, and doesn't interfere with the microphones or buttons on the aids. It's so comfortable that I forget that I'm even wearing it! It also looks great, and now I feel like I can go about my life without having to worry about all those "what if's" anymore!!! Thank you Ear Gear for making such a wonderful and much needed product for those of us who depend on hearing aids. I only wish someone had come up with this idea 30 years ago! Thanks Again!

Kristen Cain



I purchased my hearing aids at Costco. I left on a trip two days later and my left hearing aid fell out on the way to the plane. Luckily, Costco includes full insurance with each hearing aid purchase, so I was able to order another.

When I discovered that hearing aid was missing, I began to think how I could avoid that ever happening again (I suspect COVID and pulling masks on and off was the culprit). I began my research on the internet as soon as I got to my destination. I knew there had to be something.

I discovered Ear Gear and the little jackets that hook onto the eye glasses. I use them every day now and could not be happier. I NEVER have to worry about losing a hearing aid again.

Alison Sonntag